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The Key to Success is Knowing When and Where to target

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James A. Anderson

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The KEY.

You should aim to sell to the market segments that will be most profitable for your business. It is important that your product offering meets the needs of your chosen target market. See target your most profitable customers and define your target market.

You should create a marketing strategy that makes the most of your strengths and matches them to the needs of the customers you want to target. For example, if a particular group of customers is looking for quality first and foremost, then any marketing activity aimed at them should draw attention to the high quality of your products or service.

  • Taget Gender, Age or Race for your business
  • Targetting few specific location is also important
  • In case of B2B, it is better if you already have the knowledge about your clients.
  • You may find different language speaker in your business area, so yeah language targetting is also necessary

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